Marketing and Advertising Campaigns For Auto Service Locations

Any and perhaps all advertising and marketing account executives will tell you that the last thing you want to do is cut your advertising budget. Yes, that sounds a little self-serving because they are trying to sell you advertising and marketing strategies using their media venues, but in reality there is a lot to be said for that wisdom. You can have the best product or service in the world, but if you aren't a good spokesman, or you don't do enough marketing, no one's ever going to know about it.

It is not always the best company that wins in business, often it is the one that does the best branding, advertising, and marketing. Not long ago, I was discussing this with a gentleman who is an entrepreneur considering starting an auto service location. He realizes that he needs to come up with a decent advertising budget and a good marketing strategy campaign. If you are considering something similar you might go to Microsoft Word Templates Online and download yourself a marketing plan where you can fill in the information.

Four Pillars of Business Administration

The history of the relationship between business and academia is interesting. Once upon a time, one either studied or worked. Universities and institutes of higher learning focused on the arts and humanities, and if one were interested in working and making money, one simply got a job and learned the ropes, maybe as an apprentice, or merely working one's way up the latter. An education in business meant experience, and most pioneers were self-taught.

Today, many schools have programs that range from pure economic theory to practical business administration. Economics still maintains the old-world goal of the pursuit of knowledge, analyzing the phenomenon that society is produced of individuals with unlimited needs and wants, but only limited resources to fulfill these. Business administration, on the other hand, equips students with both the theoretical and practical background to work in any number of industries in many different roles. Economic theory certainly offers the business administration student an edge. But what also helps guarantee a successful career in business is choosing and specializing in one of the key roles in the world of business while doing a business administration program. Here are four of these key roles:


Studying and working in the finance department means being part of the business administration team in the capacity of making things happen. This means, organizing and planning the means to conduct business, manufacture goods, provide services, or even make investments and take loans. Because of their influence on the whole of business, there is a focus on social responsibility and business ethics in finance.

How to Increase Your Performance

Are you being pressured by outside sources to do something you don't want to do? Perhaps your family really wants you to become a doctor but it is just not your passion. You have to realize that if you hate something but your family is pressuring you to do it, they are really only thinking about the money. Think about it. Why would they want you to do something that would make you hate your life?

When it comes down to it, the thing that really makes you happy with your life is performance. Aren't you the happiest when you're at your best, growing, and continually disciplining yourself? I dare you to think of a situation that contradicts this. Following a passion definitely helps you perform at your best but I want to talk about what helps you stay at your best. I had a mentor once who explained three theories that really affected performance in general.

The first is the theory of results which is the lowest form of living according to him. When people live in the state of results, they usually focus on whats happening. It's kind of weird that we are talking about performance and this first sate is essentially the worst way to live.